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February 16, 2023 6 min read 2 Comments

Beagles are small dogs with big personalities. They are known for their friendly and affectionate nature, making them a very popular choice for family pets. However, many people are completely unaware that beagles are also commonly used in laboratory testing for scientific research. The treatment of the dogs used in these research facilities is often inhumane & the dogs can be exposed to harmful chemicals & poor living conditions. In an effort to save these dogs, beagle rescues work to remove animals from these facilities, providing a second chance for these beagles to live a happy and healthy life outside of the laboratory. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about beagles, the use of beagles in laboratory testing, the importance of beagle rescues, and how you can get involved to help make a difference.

All about beagles

Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, so it should come as no surprise that they are one of the most common breeds for families to have as their canine companion.  Coming in two different sizes (13 inch & 15 inch), beagles are small, compact dogs. They are typically docile, making them the perfect pet for both kids & adults. Beagles are very loyal & will follow you anywhere you go, or anywhere there is food.

Originally bred as hunting dogs, beagles have an excellent sense of smell. They often follow their nose wherever it takes them, so they can be prone to getting lost if they are left off-leash. As another feature of their hunting instincts, beagles were bred to have a white tip on their tail that can be seen above brush or high grass. We like to call this their “white flag” - hence the name White Flags Apparel Co. Beagles are pack dogs & love to roam or just lay around with other dogs.
Although beagles are usually cool, calm, & collected, they can be high-energy at times, especially as puppies. Because of this, beagles do best when they get plenty of exercise, playtime, or room to explore the the great outdoors. They also love people and can be perfectly content following you around the home or napping next to you on the couch.

Beagles in labs & testing

Unfortunately, many of the same traits that make beagles great family dogs also make them one of the breeds of choice for animal testing in labs. Because they are small & calm, beagles often provide little resistance when used in lab experiments. Beagles are commonly used in lab testing related to beauty product, drugs & pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and agricultural pesticides. The biomedical testing conducted on these dogs is usually to investigate diseases caused by certain substances and to determine the effects those same substances would have on humans.

The beagles used for this testing are often neglected emotionally & physically. In most cases, they are found in ill-health. Living conditions for beagles in these sorts of testing facilities are often poor or even inhumane. Dogs who are injured or sick in these facilities may end up being euthanized instead of treated. According to Beagle Freedom Project, there are currently over 70,000 dogs currently in research facilities in the US alone, and over 20% of these dogs likely experience pain as part of their testing.

Beagle Rescue Organizations

Large & small organizations exist all over the world. They work tirelessly to rescue beagles from animal testing facilities and provide beagles with loving homes. The work of these awesome organizations can touch on all different aspects of animal rescue, such as:
  • Educating the public & raising awareness on beagles & animal testing
  • Advocating for legislation that ends animal testing
  • Rescue of beagles from labs & situations of neglect
  • General care of rescued beagles
    • Treating medical issues
    • Administering shots & immunizations
    • Get rescued beagles back on proper diet
    • Providing emotional support & comfort
  • Transportation of beagles to and from shelters and fosters
  • Finding temporary foster homes for beagles before they’re adopted
  • Finding permanent loving homes for rescued beagles

Something many people may not realize is that most beagle rescue organizations are run entirely by volunteers & donations. Raising funds & recruiting new volunteers is crucial for most of these groups.
Are you wondering if there are any beagle rescue groups operating near you? The best way to learn about your local beagle rescue is to find them on social media. Once you find a local rescue, you will be able to learn how to donate, volunteer, or attend upcoming events by following them on their social media channels. Not only that, but you can see any dogs they may have available to foster or adopt, and get to know some of the awesome people behind the scenes.

Adopting a Rescue Beagle

Thinking of adopting a beagle? There are a few things you should take into consideration before welcoming a new pet into your home. First, you should understand that adopting a new beagle (or any breed of dog) is a long term commitment. You should be completely sure that you are ready to take on the responsibility of a new dog prior to applying to adopt. You should also take other factors into consideration, such as your living situation & lifestyle. Beagles do best when they get outside frequently, and although not a requirement, having a fenced-in yard is ideal so that you don’t need to worry about them running away. It is also best to spend extra time with a new dog at first, so it is not ideal if a new dog is left alone for long periods of time right away while you’re gone for work or travel.

Once you know you’re ready, adopting a beagle from a rescue typically involves a few key steps. First, research reputable beagle rescues in your area and review their adoption policies and procedures. Next, fill out an adoption application, which may include questions about your living situation, lifestyle, and experience with pets. Once your application is approved, you may be asked to attend a meet-and-greet with the beagle you are interested in adopting, and potentially undergo a home visit to ensure your home is a suitable environment for a new pet. Finally, you will sometimes be asked to sign an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee, which typically covers the cost of vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and other expenses incurred by the rescue. After completing these steps, you will be able to take your new beagle home and start enjoying the companionship of your new best friend.

How to help beagles in need

The easiest way to help is to spread the word! Let all your friends & family know about the importance of beagle rescues & the valuable work they do. If you want to take it up a notch, consider making a donation to your local rescue or signing up to volunteer. Beagle rescues are always in need of volunteers, supplies, & funding. Looking for a longer term commitment helping a beagle in need? Apply to be a foster! Fostering is when you take a rescue beagle into your home while they wait to be adopted into a forever home.

You can also help beagles in need right here at White Flags Apparel Co. We donate 10% of our overall net profits each month to a different beagle rescue organization. Additionally, we donate 100% of net profits from our Rescue Series Collection of tees. As of 2023, we’ve been able to donate almost $10,000 to beagle rescues! Every single purchase from White Flags Apparel Co directly helps support a beagle rescue!

Final thoughts

Beagles are loving and loyal dogs that make perfect companions for anyone. Tragically, beagles are commonly used in laboratory testing, where they can be neglected & stuck living in poor conditions. Beagle rescues all over the world play a critical role in rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding these dogs a forever home. Supporting beagle rescues can be done through education, advocacy, volunteering, donations, or most of all adoption. Adopting a rescue beagle requires a long-term commitment and should be approached with careful consideration. By supporting beagle rescues, you can help give these animals the second chance at life they deserve.

2 Responses

Melanie Parsons
Melanie Parsons

September 17, 2023

Thank you for all that you do in supporting beagles. I’ve had 3 of them and they are an amazing breed and just something special. I love your products!! Everything you offer is of great quality. Appreciate all you do!

Abbie Weatherley
Abbie Weatherley

May 28, 2023

We have a rescue beagle and she is the sweetest dog and a wonderful addition to our family! I have purchased some of your shirts & hats. Thank you White Flags for bringing awareness to this special breed.

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